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Turtle Bean Bags (6)

Froggy Bean Bags (6)

SHAPES Bean Bags (4)

Sea Urchins Bean Bag (6)

Spiky sensory roll,
removable rod & knobs

Sensory roller

sensory ball 9-12cm,

Tumble Rolls

Sensory sleeves

Weighted vest

Weighted Lap Pad

Weighted shoulder pad
& vibrator

Inflatable Ball Pool,
400kg load,

Ball pool

TONKEY, Egg Ball,
45, 55, 65, 85cm.

TONKEY, Gymnastik Balls:
42cm - 120cm, repairable.
Dynamic load: 400 kg.

Sausage swing

Hammock swing

Frog Swing.


Huddle, cuddle,
Snuggle Swing

MBall Swing

Tube Swing.

Disc Swing.

Rectangular Board Swing

LISTED Balance Beam

Horse Swing

Platform Swing

Tunnel/Barrel Swing

Lumber Therapy Frame

Modular Cut-Out board

Modular Rock Wall

Boat Rocker

Cross the Bridge
(inverted Boat Rocker)

Steps Trainer.

Nested Stools

Shock Corded Trampoline

1.8 x 0.9m Trampoline

Air pocketed

Inflatable Trampoline.

Paediatric chair

Therapist Stool

Postural Chair

New!! Suspension Frame

Crash bag: 2 sizes,
foam/styro beans filled.

Inflatable Crash Mat,
400kg load.

Peacefull cushion

Soft Canoe, inflatable.

Cargo Net.

Rope ladder.

Climbing cage with multi attachments:
cut out climb board, climb net
roller ramp, rock wall etc.

Ribbed Ladder

Roller Ramp.

Multi Therapy Gym.

Wall padding.

Rock Wall.

Rocker Board.

3 Wheeled
scooter board

Paediatric balance cushion.

T Swing.

Flex Net

Rope Glider

Bean bag toss board.

Roll about and around.

Scooter board with
free roliling casters

Scooter board ramp

Wavy ladder.

Flying Fox

Body Sox.

NEW Duetto !!,
conjoined twin
Gymnastik balls.

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