"Therapy Gym and Sensory equipment for the Special Needs."
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E-mail: bc@backcare.com.sg

Set of 6 turtle bean bags

set of 6 froggy bean bags

Set of 4 bean bag shapes

6 sea urchins bean bag

Spiky, Air filled, sensory roll:
2 sizes.

Sensory roller

sensory ball 9-12cm & 13-16cm

Tumble Rolls

Sensory sleeves

Weighted vest

Weighted Lap Pad

Shoulder weight pad and massager

Inflatable Ball Pool
500kg load, DIY repairable

Ball pool, size: customised

Repairable, Italian, Egg Ball,
45, 55, 65, 85cm, 400 kg load.

Ledragomma, Swiss Balls:
42cm - 120cm, repairable.
Dynamic load: 400 kg.

Sausage swing

Hammock swing, with
optiion: cushioned pad

Frog Swing.


Huddle, cuddle,
snuggle swing

Ball Swing

Tube Swing.

Disc Swing.

Board Swing for 2

Convertible Hang Bag Swing

Pony/Horse Swing.

Platform Swing: padded

Tunnel/Barrel Swing

Tunnel swing in prone position

Tunnel crawl.

Balancing the barrel/tunnel

Boat Rocker

Steps over the Bridge
(From turning over Boat Rocker)

Steps Trainer.

Nest of Stools

Shock Corded Trampoline

0.9m x 1.8m Trampoline

Air pocketed Bouncer/Trampoline.

Ribbed Bouncer/Trampoline.

Paediatric chair

Therapist Stool

Postural Chair

Paed Chair with adjustable foot rest

Crash bag: 2 sizes,
foam/styro beans filled.

Crash Bag, inflatable and repair
kit included.

Peacefull cushion

Soft Canoe, inflatable.

Cargo Net.

Rope ladder.

Climbing cage with multi adaptions:
cut out climb board, climb net,
steam roller, detachable rock climbing walll including scroll ladder (above)

Roller Ramp.

Multi Therapy Gym.

Floor and wall padding.

Rock Climbing Wall.

Rocker Board.

High rocker board.

Paediatric Therapy balance cushion.

T Swing.

Flexible, bouncy, tarpaulin net

Flex Net suspended for bounce.
Four corners flex cords held

Bean bag toss game board.

Roll about and around.

Scooter board, padded,
free roll casters

Scooter board ramp

Wavy ladder.

Flying Fox / Glider.

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