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People with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) get a positive response when watching bubble tubes, since they provide a tracking activity that helps to improve visual development, colour recognition, visual perception and communications skills.The bubble tubes promote and enhance client's level of relaxation, creating a calming effect.

Sensory optic fibers are of two variants: color changing and ultra violet. The harnesses in both kits are made from polymer fibre and as with all fibre optic kits, safe to touch as no electricity or heat is transmitted through the fibres. The color change of these sensory lighting kits stimulates the minds of young children and helps in identifying different colors. It has been found beneficial for children with learning difficulties.

Carpets are woven with optical fibres. Sizes of 1m x 1m to 3m x 3m. The optical fibres are blended in the carpets and are not felt nor noticed. The light effects such as twinkling, glowing, pulse, may be set to change colors. Speed of change: auto or via remote control.

This projector will fill any dark space with a super sharp spectacle of animated stars and cloud formations. It will even surprise you with the occasional shooting star. It is fully adjustable and requires no set up. The lights are created from powerful green laser and holographic technology which make them very bright and clear. It creates thousands of stars with or without cloud formations.

A powerful LED projector for dark rooms. Gentle moving images and patterns projected onto walls. Require wheel rotators for use with 50mm and 9" effects wheel (not included). Wide range of effect wheels for applications including adaptors to create special effects: panoramia, shimmering water movement, falling rain, snow etc. Encourages communication and r>excitement. See more wheels for speech, learning, teaching and for Demented patients, to stimulate recalls of the past through images on transportation, singers, prehistoric animals, deep sea creatures, tropical fishes, musicians, actors ....

Infinity tunnel wall panels are popular for years, offering bright and stimulating slow color change. Recent improved development has an interactive, touch activated version. It offers cause and effect color change, every time the front panel is touched.

Sensory wall panels are either UV, Tactile or LED based: to stimulate and promote motor and cognitive skills. Built and finished to include: mirrors, rattles, pathfinder toys, puzzles, pulls, magnet, sound producing instruments/objects. Eech panel is unique, brightly colored, attractive and inviting to involve the cient to engage.

6" Effect wheels - partial list displayed. Other range of wheels - 50mm and 9" wheels are unique and do not share the same content.

Create the effect of water flowing on the floor with a projector suspended from the ceiling. The flow may be adjusted to complement the required effect to engage the client.

Watch the bolts of glowing light follow your every move when you create the light show with the touch of your finger or clap of hands and loud music. Plasma lamps are a type of gas discharge lamp energized by radio frequency (RF) power. They are distinct from the novelty plasma lamps popular in the 1980s. This lamp suffered a number of practical problems and did not prosper commercially.

LED Flame light, suspended from ceiling. Lively lighted fire provide the warmth in a cool MS room. The LED Magic Crystal ball may be installed on the ceiling, the wall or on the table top. RGBW colors are effected through a remote controller. Choose the required modes: such as strobe, flash, fade and smooth, plus a mix colors and effects. The displayed effects are pictured.

Sticker Pack has been designed to enhance creativity, boost motor skills and encourage narrative thinking. The reusable, easy to peel vinyl stickers makes it easy for children to create their own stories on the blank wheel supplied with every sticker pack.

LED Glo Cube, Glo Cylinder, Glo column, Glo Drum: 16 colors selectable through a RF remote control. Modes supported: Strobe, Flash, Smooth, Fade. A perfect addition to include in the Multi Sensory room for sensory seekers, the ability to touch, feel and view the colofrul lights and its effects.

The MUSII is a soft inflatable object that emits sound and is illuminated with colour when touched. It enables non-musician to experience playing a musical instrument as well as offering stimulating visual and tactile sensation. The product combines an array of state-of-the-art technologies into one exciting product that invites participants of all abilities to control sounds and colour through touch. (br> The Creators of MUSII have developed this approach to sensor based music making and given it a soft physical form that enables the user to see and feel the beam that they are interacting with. Click here for Video on "MUSII"

Fibre optic cascades and curtains use safe polymer fibres in both sparkle and UV versions. The lengths and widths are customisable to suit the installation required.

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