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THERAPY MAT imported and widely used to floor Therapy Gyms and Home Gyms to cushion falls. Double stitching at seams. 1m x 2m x 50mm. Leather - like Vinyl cover. Easy wipe clean. Very high density. 9kg weight per piece. Velcro adhesiion on all sides. Maintain thickness better than P E foam. Used in motor vehicle seating.

TUMBLING MAT Custom made if required to size. Regular size: 1m x 2m x 50mm thickness. PU, PE or compressed foam. Poly Vinyl and Tarpaulin cover.

FOLDING MAT: 3 folds & 4 folds 500mm x 1500mm x 25mm/ thick P E Foam.

PILATES MAT & EXERCISE MAT High density, Abrasion & Fungus resistant, Excellent Traction: Anti slip. 180 x 60 x 17mm thick. Ribbed across width of mat on both sides. Antii Static & Flame retardant. Washable.

WALL PAD PROTECTION: Polyurethane Foam on timber ply back. Attached to wall. Poly vinyl or Tarpaulin cover. Thickness and density of foam: choice.

INTERLOCK MATS Hardness - Shore C, 1000 x 1000 x 30mm thick, EVA Foam. Tatami prints on both sides of mat. Non-sliip and washable.

BOUNCERS & TRAMPOLINE Inflatable Bouncer cum Trampoline. This Bouncer is manufactured using industrial quality Tarpaulin, thermally sealed to withstand the load and may be used to break falls from Climbers

LANDING MATS PU Foam landing mat or the inflatable DSF (Double Stitch Fabric). The size and thickness are tailored to suit. The inflatable version has better impact absorption

GYMNASTIC MATS Recent tdevelopments in DSF resulted in an inflatable mat with fibrous threads iwithin. These fibrous threads enable the mat to achieve firmness without injuring the user. Unlike the Gymnastic mats of old which has to be joined to obtain a long runway, the DSF inflatable may be made in a single mat. The mat is rolled up when use has ended and transported to the store.

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