Custom mats for Fitness, Gymnastics, Pilates, Therapy, Judo, Karate and Emergency inflatable Cushion.
Telephone: 65-6749 6509

Therapy mat

Etha foam in therapy mat

Gymnastic mat

Rebonded foam in Gym mat

Foldable Gym mat

Foam landing mat

Inflatable landing mat for Rock
wall & Gymnastics, also for placement
below Lycra swing. Load 400kg

Foam landing mat

Pilates/Exercise mat
ribbed on both sides

Interlock mat, 1m x 1m
30mm thick. Martial Arts mat,

Inflatable trampoline, size/height
customisable. Repairable if leak.
Dynamic loading 400kg.

Soft & wobbly for kids therapy.
Resistant to tear, 0.5mm thick

Gymnastic mat FIQ approved
length and width customisable

Gymnastics on inflatable mat

Martial Arts on Inflatable mat

Fibrous texture within inflatable
mat. Repairable if torn.

Gymnastic tumbling mat

Ribbed bouncer for kids' Therapy

Eemergency rescue Air cushion

Rescue Air cushion

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