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HALF BALL (Bosu): A multi function half ball for:

ACTIVA for push-ups is kind on the hands with greater challenge than on a stable floor. Balancing on a single wobble board is tough, try standing on two boards. Balancing on Activa is confined to one's footprints. To use Activa as you would on a traditional wobble board, place a circular board on Activa as pictured.

GYMNASTIK balls are manufactured by Ledragomma s.r.l. in Italy. First introduced in 1950 until a Swiss Physiotherapist adapted it in Physical Therapy. Hence the term "Swiss Ball" came into being. The sizes range from 42cm to 120cm. These balls are manufactured using patented material: Flexton and Forton They are the only repairable balls available in the market using the manufacturer’s fix-it kit. Gymnastik Pezzi balls are guaranteed to withstand a load of up to 400kg with the PRO version - 600kg. There is a new range of Gymnastik ball , which has a 2kg or 4kg ball suspended from within top of the ball. This acts as a counter weight creating a more positive effect when using the Gymnastic ball. See image below.

Agility is defined as: The ability to move, change direction etc. quickly and easily. To achieve this, one requires a combination of: Balance, Speed, Strength and Coordination. In the field of competitive sports, the body is constantly pushed to perform movements with unfamiliar joint angles most often resulting in injuries. The primary objective of AGILITY LADDER is to promote a wide range of varying foot movement patterns. With the foot-trained movements becoming second nature, the body responds quickly to various foot angled situations required in sporting events. Improve agility with the Agility ladder. It is an essential tool in the program. Available in 4m and 8m lengths each.

FOAM ROLLS provide excellent prompts and are especially helpful in core stability retraining. Used initially in Pilates. The achievable benefits are:

CALF STRETCH BOARD: The multi level version offers stretching the lower extremities between 10 & 30 degrees. Progressively increase the angle of support provides clients with the feedback they need to complete their fitness program.
The alternative is the version set at 20 degrees.

MINI HURDLES - Designed for multi lateral development. Exercises that aim to incorporate many physical abilities: develop power, speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, co-ordination and core strength. It is a great way to introduce plyometrics and add fun/challenging aspect to this activity. H:6" W:17"

This set of wooden NESTED STOOLS is ideal for body mechanics and posture training when standing. The surface is non-slip rubber sheet. Stacked them as one for storage.

PLYO BOX exercises use gravitational force to store potential energy in muscles:

WEIGHTED ROCKER BOARD & REGULAR ROCKER BOARD Weighted version features a dowell on both sides for placement of weighs to strengthen the weaker foot.

The innocuous Wall Bar resembles very much a ladder with slight variations to its size, construction and customised attachments for which it becomes a very useful fitness/rehab equipment in the Home, Gym, School, Medical Gyms and Therapy Centres. It is suitable for both children and adults. Wall Bars come in Single, Double and a Multi Gymnastics Wall ladder for Children. Uses include: Gymnastics, Physiotherapy, Gross Motor in Special Needs, Scoliosis, Kinesitherapy. There are more than 50 exercises associated to the use of the Stall Wall Bar. Some optional attachments for the Wall bar include: Abdominal bench, Dip Bars, Pull up bars with angle handles, step up platform, chin up bar, incline board, incline ladder etc.

The Suspended Stabiliser Board trains the entire body improve sensory control of posture and movement. It offers a multitude of exercises while standing (therapy version) and when supported (sports version). The high sensitivity of the multi-dimensional platform reveals and treats the slightest imbalance and instability of the loco-motor system. Therapy and training with the suspended balance board is highly effective, because the SSB’s mode of operation increases on receiving information from the proprioceptors and receptorsfeatures a dowell on both sides for placement of weights to strengthen the weaker foot. Adjust the weight according to need and the foot.

The Foot Blocks are highly recomended for foot, ankle, calf strengthening. The stabilisers allow for a diverse and varied leg-axle training (foot-ankle joint-knee joint-hip joint) to improve coordination, stability, strengthening, stretching of the foot for the erection of the foot transverse arch and training of the foot-gland for a healthy foot. User will notice improvement in standing and walking. Proven success in the prevention of fall prophylaxis. Ideal for hand strengthening exercises and forearm support.

The balance board is a training aid used to perfect the sense of balance and coordination. Exercise with legs apart or with one foot in front of the other.

Fore Foot Lifter People with weak knees and legs are susceptible to falls due to bumpy, uneven or slippery surface. Their condition make them tense and walk with clenched toes. Pain in the Hip & Pelvis is the usual discomfort. The natural process of rolling the foot and forward swinging of the leg is no longer possible. Their gait is unsteady since they no longer land on their heels. A slight misstep may be a emergency call for the ambulance for the elderly. With the Forefoot lifter you activate the muscles responsible for a better gait through targeted exercises.

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