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Activa: an air inflated/water filled wobble cushion from Ledragomma, Italy. It is bevelled at the edge or space-ship shaped with concentric circles on one surface while the reverse is smooth surface. This product is manufacturer assured to sustain a dynamic load of up to 150kg. Known also as a "balance cushion", there are competitve variations to this product:

The abovementioned differences determine the versatility of the balance cushion, ease to inflate and deflate while on-the-fly. NOT every wobble cushion may be suitable for the applications proposed: "Click here for list of Activa Applications"

This inflatable 32cm long spiky lumbar roll is air inflated. It functions better than the "rolled towel". The Spiky lumbar roll does not collapse or flatten under load. The rounded tipped spikes provide tactility, massages, while improving blood circulation and sensory stimulation on the Special need kids. The roll may be strapped to a chair with a full back or placed against the lower lumber. Regulate the air in the roll to customise the comfort and support required.

The adjustable slant board, finished in matt lacquered maple, has tilt angles from 0 to 70 degrees. Adjust board to suit the desired read and write positions and away from light reflection. It folds flat and is portable:

Next is an alternative to the Adjustable Read/Write Slant Board above. A Writing Board, set at an optimum 13 degrees.

Fit Sit is an inflatable or water filled sitting Wedge for placement on chair seats. The rear positioned inflation plug enables pressure adjustment remaining seated. Prolonged sitting in inappropriate posture is the major cause of Lower Back Pain. Fit Sit helps in postural correction, the nubs on the sitting surface provide tactility while the air filled cushion encourages movement beneficial to strengthen the core and posterior trunk muscles. A simple, effective device to:

The rockered foot rest allows it to be tilted for user's ankle a.,brnd feet comfort.
When seated, the chair is heighted to suit the user to the table. While the table's height is about 75cm, users' heights varies. Those sitting with heels or feet off the ground, with feet tip toed; (feet dangling above the floor) risk restriction of blood flow behind the knee, at times experiencing numbness of the feet. The Foot Rest or Foot wedge enables proper feet support for blood circulation. The angular platform aids:

The therapeutic effects benefitted from sitting on a ball outweighs that of a conventional chair. Sitting on a Ball Chair require the use of trunk and abdominal muscles to support the upper body maintain the correct posture through bio-feed back. Slouching causes the user to fall backwards while slumping forward transfers the body weight to the feet. Sit on it to realise the effectiveness of sitting on a Ball Chair.

"click here for Ball chairs and Benefits"

The air-inflated or water filled "full lumbar support" with a smooth and a nubby side, requires minimal air/water inside the lumbar cushion. It contours itself according to the user's lower back naturally. Unlike the "foam" or "rolled towel" lumbar rolls, it does not collapse after prolonged use. For that cool effect, fill it with water. This device is similar to Activa® except for the nubs, is manufactured strictly for use as an effective, low cost, lumbar support. With every movement the user makes while seated on a chair with the Nubby back support, it dynamically fills the void at the lower lumbar region, which had been unsupported. Care should be taken not to place the full weight on it.

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