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Physical and Occupational Therapists are well versed in the use and benefits of large, round, therapy balls. With the "Egg Ball" the fascination, due in part to it's unique oval shape, offers unparalleled safety, security and stability to enable confidence (care provider sitting behind) to a special group of users: elderly, special needs children, and those weak in neuro vestibular coordination. This group of users are considered unsuitable clients and are off the therapists' list for therapy on the round "Gym" ball. The oval shaped Egg-ball resists free rolling and is restricted to movements on two planes: left and right or front and back, depending on the placement of one's feet. The Egg Ball's elongated space accomodates the therapist seated behind, providing confidence and instructions.
Horse riding is recognised as part of balance and vestibular training:, strengthens the postural control muscles, enables coordination of legs, feet and related muscles to stabilize, support the upper body and control movement. The derived benefits are especially important for: Geriatric, Neurologica, Post-partum, Paediatric, Orthopedic and patients with cardiovascular problems. Other activities associated to the use of Egg ball/Peanut ball are:

    1. Enhancing/retraining of neurological development
    2. Balance training
    3. Anterior/posterior and lateral pelvic exercise
    4. Mobility in a saddle position
    5. Controlled postural exercise
    6. Spinal stabilization exercise
    7. Sit-to-stand at end range
    8. Single leg exercise
    9. NEW ! NEW ! DUETTO - twin round balls fused into an elongated ball

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