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Our site serves to provide information on: Therapy Products for Sensory Integration. Children diagnosed with ASD, ADD, ADHD, Learning Difficulties, Intellectual & Physical disabilties, Multi Sensory, Speech and Developmental delay. Soft blocks and soft play Climbers for Early Intervention Programmes. Other products include Pilates, Ergonomics, Physical rehab, Gymnastics and P.E. in schools.

BackCare distribute, design and custom build majority of the above items. If your requirement be not found on our website, call or email us, we are ever ready to assist with our resources.

In this update to our website, we have included Inflatables under "MATS" and items addressing Dementia under "Multi Sensory". There may have been times past, you wished some products were better being "inflatable." However, the thought of inflatable products evokes past encounters with soft, clear vinyl sheets, easily punctured and flattened under the mere weight of a child.

Recent developments in "Inflatable Technology" will surprise you. They are sustainable up to 500kg load. With this high load resilience, instead of the usual single-lined crimped seal is now a 25mm wide thermal bond. Repair kits are available for users to DIY the leak/s should they occur. We have inflatable tumble rolls for Gymnastics, NDTherapy, Bolster roll for the vestibular, wedges, air mats of customisable sizes and thicknesses for landing, bouncing (trampoline), Gymnastics etc. This "NEW" inflatable technology brings a new range of interesting activiities without injuring the participants, innocent bystanders, or breaking glass window/panels. For schools. take some time to view the inflatable Gymnastic mat. It is approved by the International Federation of Gymnastics. The "Double Wide Fabric" does not "sink" when load from a group of users are on it. Deflate it after use within minutes, carry to store in deflated form until the next Gym day. View the interesting "air filled" products under: INFLATABLES.

As of late 2016, we stock Multi Sensory (MS) products and custom design MS rooms to calm behavioral affected children and adults. The multi sensory environment offer multi colored lights, images, sounds special visual efects to assist the troubled individuals in a dedicated room, designed to block out noise, control space, temperature and lighting. It is an artificial venue created to stimulate the senses, promote pleasure and feelings of well being. All to improve the development of thought, intelligence & social skills.

The products for Sensory Integration, Early Intervention, Intellectual and Physically challenged include: floor and wall paddings, mild steel beams for suspension of therapy equipment for O.T. Centres, Home gyms, Early Intervention centres, Special Needs Schools and Children's Hospitals. The overhead mild steel suspension structures are designed to suit the designated rooms with Certifcation by Professional Engineers on structural safety, dynamic load capacity and suitability by our Designers. You will find both imported and locally built items on display at our showroom and in our web pages.

We are the regional distributor of "Pezzi" products from Ledragomma s.r.l., Italy, for the past 10 years. Ledragomma, unknown to many, are the very first manufacturer, to introduce the "SWISS" ball" a.k.a. "FITBALL", "GYM ball" or "Therapy ball" back in 1950. Over the years, many unnamed competitive products and OEMs have been on the market. However these facts remain:

For more on Pezzi products, click on "Ledragomma"

We custom build Pilates equipment and props. Except for customisation to suit the Asian body, we make no changes to the original specifications. Pilates improves muscle control, flexibility, co-ordination, strength and tone. It aims to create structural alignment and muscular balance along with the complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit. The exercises incorporate the principles of concentration, control, centering, precision and breathing. If your Pilates equipment need re upholstering, service the rumbling Reformer, Cadillac, a new set of springs, a Demi Arc, Ladder Barrel or the squeaky Gyrotonic equipment or Harley Gyro, we fix them.

Before participating in School Gymnastics and Physical activities, Core Strengthening, Balance and Proprioception must be considered to avoid injuries. Regardless whether students are obese or slim. The obese are unable to perform push ups or sit ups without back pain and the seemingly perfect and healthy students may get injured without prior warm up and proper stretching.

Soft Play items are varied and complex, we build, import all shapes and sizes of Softplay Blocks and Soft Climbers for Preschoolers and those in Early Intervention Centres.

Our local presence enable customers an alternative to the high cost and freight on imported products. Every product made at BackCare is crafted from lumber: using beech/maple laminated plywood or mild steel. Customers are assured of post sales services.

Updated: June 7th 2018