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Good news for those plannng to have the Therapy Gym or Indoor Home Gym constructed..

We iutilise new hardware in our recent design and construction of Children's Therapy & Home Gym. In place of mild steel and eye bolts, we use Lumber, rail tracks and rail cars for more efficieint and convenient hook ups. The Therapy Gym no longer look "COLD" and daunting. Lumber blends extremely well with the environment. In place of multiple rows of eye bolts, we have a rail track with a couple of rail slides. These slides with a shackle each glide along the track and is locked in position on demand to suit the use of the therapy equipment at that location. Hence, there is no necessity for redundant hardware with multiple suspended ropes. Other additional benefit is the functionality to glide along the track, which was not possible with the eye bolted structure.

Our site serves to provide information on: Therapy Products for Sensory Integration, Vestibular products for Children with "Balance", Co-ordination, Strengthening and multi sensory needs.

Accompanying the main products are floor and wall padding. The Lumber structure is designed to suit the designated rooms with optional Certifcation by Professional Engineers on structural safety, dynamic load capacity and stability.

We have included Multi Sensory (MS) products and custom design MS rooms to calm behavioral affected children and adults. The multi sensory environment offer multi colored lights, images, sounds special visual effects to assist the troubled individuals in a dedicated room, designed to block out noise, control space, temperature and lighting. It is an artificial venue created to stimulate the senses, promote pleasure and feelings of well being. All to improve the development of thought, intelligence & social skills.

In this latest update, are products addressing "Dementia" in nursing homes and hospitals. We distribute "OPTI" multi sensory Projectors and Effect wheels to help trigger, recall memory of past sceneries, animals, Transportation, Flowers, Insects, Aromatic Fragrances, Celebrities: viz actors/actors, Singers and famous personalities of yester-years.

For the immobile residents, is a mobile Sensory Cart housing a bubble tube (colors, sounds, vibration) Light source with optic fibres (lights, colors, touch) Audio system (soothing sounds via CD/DVD/MP3), Aromatic fragrances, projector with memory recall effect wheels.

Other products include Ergonomics, Fitness & Rehab, Pilates and School Gymnastics.

Recent developments in "Inflatable Technology" are interesting. The sustainable load is up to 250kg. With this high load resilience, the seal is a 25mm wide thermal band. Repair kits are available for users to DIY the leak/s. We have inflatable tumble rolls for Gymnastics, NDTherapy, Bolster roll for vestibular activities, wedges, mats, thicknesses for varying applications: landing, bouncing (trampoline), Gymnastics, tumbling, sliding, etc. This "NEW" inflatable technology brings a new realm of interesting activiities without injury. It is approved by the International Federation of Gymnastics. The "Double Wide Fabric" does not "sink" when supporting a load. Deflate it within minutes, bring to the store in deflated form until the next Gym session. View the interesting "air filled" products under: INFLATABLES.

We are the regional distributor of "Pezzi" products from Ledragomma now known as TONKEY, Italy, for the past 10 years. Ledragomma, unknown to many, were the very first manufacturer, to introduce the "SWISS" ball" a.k.a. "FITBALL", "GYM ball" or "Therapy ball" back in 1950. Over the years, many unnamed competitive products and OEMs have been on the market. However these facts remain:

For more details on LEDRAGOMMA/TONKEYi products, please go to:

Updated: February 2022